Quality leader in the production of hygienic and industrial papers.

Almus is a Polish, family owned company operated since 1997.

It specializes in the production of the highest quality hygienic and industrial paper products. Almus strives to continually improve the quality of its products through cooperation with renowned Polish research and attestation companies.

We have the most modern, innovative production lines and thanks to new technological solutions continually developed at Almus, we offer cellulose products of a very high quality and versatile use.

We offer and are not limited to: multi-layer toilet papers, kitchen towels, industrial cleaning cloths, as well as medical liners and other specialized products.

Please familiarize yourself with our exclusive offer of consumer products ALMUSSO, ALMUSSO PROFESSIONAL and ALMUSSO PROTECT.

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Almusso's line of consumer products are toilet papers and kitchen towels, made of 100% pure cellulose, tailored to meet the requirements of every customer.

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The Almusso Professional product line consists of premium class products of very high quality made of 100% pure cellulose.

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Disposable masks made of 100% pure cellulose. Product of highest quality with thick layers to provide protection.

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