About the company

There would be no Almus if it weren’t for a certain stubborn and hard-working family who, since 1997, have been developing a joint business in the difficult business of commercial paper. Everything has changed in the intervening years, except for the guarantee of high quality, the cooperative atmosphere and the ambition to offer ever better products. This is our recipe for success and a reason to be proud.

We started in a small garage with three employees and a basic product, which at the time was grey toilet paper. At the time, we produced just a few dozen tonnes of paper a year. Today, our capabilities are evidenced by numbers and continued growth: more than 250 employees, 17 000 m2 of production and storage space. We currently process 50,000 tonnes of paper per year, and our production capacity and technological sophistication are constantly increasing.

For several years, we have been operating in a modern plant, which we are constantly expanding and buying more production lines. Our primary aim is to expand the scope of our activities and continuously improve our offer to customers. We operate on the basis of the BRC quality management system standards. Thanks to the strict procedures we apply and the regular dermatological, microbiological and physicochemical tests, our customers can be sure that the products we offer are completely safe and meet the highest standards. The high quality and safety is also confirmed by the certificates we hold. In cooperation with other companies and scientific bodies, we are developing ever better proprietary methods for paper production.


In 2011, we launched the exclusive Almusso brand. Today, our range includes dozens of different paper varieties, tailored to the individual needs and requirements of specific customer groups. In our plant, papers for domestic (AH) and industrial (AFH) applications are created. We specialise in multi-ply toilet papers, paper towels and paper cleaning cloths, as well as products with the addition of various types of nonwovens. We produce papers that are strong, yet very pleasant to the touch, soft and absorbent. In addition to standard products, we offer, among other things, papers with the addition of balsam, papers dedicated to children (with educational prints), with unique fragrance compositions and designs. At the same time, thanks to modern and efficient technologies, the high quality of the papers is accompanied by a very attractive price for customers.

Cooperation and development

Thanks to a well-developed network of distributors, the range of our activities stretches over the entire country and many foreign markets. We deliver products to many European countries including: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, France and others. Our clients are large and small retail chains, wholesalers and individual customers.

In cooperation with our business partners, we make every effort to find the perfect solution ensuring long-term and fruitful business relationships for both parties.

After more than 20 years, we still remain a Polish, family operated company, taking exceptionally good care of our customers and employees.