We offer the highest quality products made of 100% pure cellulose, manufactured on the most modern Italian production lines.

We ensure cooperation and mutual benefits.

We constantly expand the range of our products while at the same time supporting the development of the machine inventory thanks to constantly emerging new ideas. This dynamic development would not be possible without our regular customers who appreciate our personal approach and the ability to create unique papers and towels.

There is great competition, but we know how to stand out. In addition to Almusso’s portfolio products, we also fulfill individual custom orders that meet expectations of the most demanding customers. As one of the few producers in the country, we offer a unique embossing color, an imprint on the paper’s band, and an addition of lotion or fragrance.

Almusso Professional industrial papers are the newest offering for the AFH market.

The production of these products takes place on a production line launched in 2018 based on our original solutions and technological innovations. Thanks to this, we are able to offer PREMIUM products distinguished by the highest quality, setting new trends on the AFH market.

The quality of our products is proven in service establishments, restaurants, hotels, holiday resorts and wherever quality and functionality are essential.

We remain at your disposal, offering all the help and information.

We invite you to cooperate with us!

Parametry techniczne produktów do użytku domowego:

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Papiery przemysłowe, przygotowane na pełen etat.

Nasze produkty są zaprojektowane pod kątem zadań, które mają wykonywać — codziennie, każdego miesiąca i każdego roku. Sprawdzają się na liniach produkcyjnych, w zakładach usługowych, restauracjach, hotelach czy ośrodkach wypoczynkowych — wszędzie tam, gdzie zaufanie do jej niezmiennego poziomu jakości rozumie się samo przez się.

Parametry techniczne produktów przemysłowych:

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