About the company

There would be no Almus if it were not for one hardworking family that has been developing a joint business venture in the challenging utility paper industry since 1997. During these several years, everything changed, except for the guarantee of high quality, the unique atmosphere of cooperation and an ambition to offer better and better products. This is our recipe for success and a reason for our pride.

We started in a small garage with three employees and the basic product, which was gray toilet paper. At that time, we only produced several dozen tons of paper per year. Today, the growth and continuous development testify to our capabilities: over 250 employees, 17,000m2 of production and warehouse space. We currently process 40,000 tons of paper per year, and our production capacity and technological advancement are constantly increasing.

For several years, we have been operating in a modern production facility, which we are constantly expanding by adding and buying new production lines. Our main goals are to expand the scope of activities and continue to improve the products for our customers. We operate under the standards of the BRC quality management system. Thanks to the strict quality control, as well as regular dermatological, microbiological and physicochemical tests, our customers can be sure that the products we offer are completely safe and meet the highest standards. High quality and safety are also confirmed by the certificates we have obtained. By cooperating with other companies and research units, we continuously develop better, original methods of producing paper.


In 2011, we launched an exclusive brand of Almusso products tailored to the individual needs and requirements of customers. We specialize in the production of multi-layered papers with the addition of balsam, unique fragrance compositions and embossing patterns. In the category of towels, we were also the first to introduce innovative solutions such as: a sleeve pulled from the inside, perforation facilitating the opening of the entire package, or a wide range of towels with an aromatic sleeve.

All our products are distinguished by their exceptional strength and softness, as each layer is separately embossed and glued. Thanks to modern and efficient technologies, we can offer very competitive prices.

Cooperation and development

Thanks to a well-developed network of distributors, the range of our activities stretches over the entire country and many foreign markets. We deliver products to many European countries including: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and France, as well as China and even Barbados. Our clients are large and small retail chains, wholesalers and individual customers.

In cooperation with our business partners, we make every effort to find the perfect solution ensuring long-term and fruitful business relationships for both parties.

After more than 20 years, we still remain a Polish, family operated company, taking exceptionally good care of our customers and employees.