Almusso Coconut XXL A1 en

Multifunctional towel, 3-ply, with the highest utility properties. Made of 100% selected certified cellulose, reinforced with gluing between each layer. The inner side of the web is stiffer and harder aimed for heavier tasks, the middle one is more absorbent to collect as much liquid as possible. The outer, decorated side with a delicate, pleasant and soft-to-touch structure is perfect for less scratch-resistant surfaces.

Almusso Coconut is a unique towel with a delicate, natural coconut scent, which has been applied only to the core. We can use it in the kitchen and during cleaning activities. It does not leave streaks and fibres, it is perfect for cleaning windows and furniture.

All dyes used by Almus are safe in contact with food.

It has a comfortable handle.

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