Almusso EccoPacco

Almusso EccoPacco toilet paper is an Economical and Ecological Pack of perfectly refined three-layer toilet paper, which combines exceptional comfort of use and double savings in one package.



Based on innovative and finest production methods, it provides: :

  • The highest quality, thanks to the use of selected, certified cellulose tissue and the use of modern production technology and paper embossing.
  • Ecological savings, because by winding a large amount of paper, we use two times less paper cores. In addition, by using a modern, thinner and more ecological film for packaging and for pallets wrapping, we use 45% of it less than in standard products.
  • More paper on a roll means two times more cargo in one transport, and thus two times lower fuel consumption, so two times less substances that are harmful to our health in the air.

You can successfully use economic and ecological ALMUSSO EccoPacco toilet paper, because by doing so you are also caring for the environment.

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