Almusso GRILL A1 en

Almusso Grill is a unique product made of 100% pure certified cellulose. This means that trees from renewable forest plantations were used to produce this towel. Almusso Grill is a multifunctional towel with two thick and strong layers and extra-long sheets. The unprecedented versatility of use makes it a perfect addition to table decorations, at home, at a picnic, barbecue, camping or at a restaurant. Thanks to the perforation used in the upper part of the foil packaging, you can easily tear off the lid, remove the core from the inside and freely pull out the towel web. The right thickness of the foil protects the towel against getting wet, dirty and provides protection to the last sheet.

All dyes used by Almus are safe in contact with food.

It has a comfortable handle.

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